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BHP Concepts is a car crazy group that also happen to be Branding and Imaging specialists who create, develop and market distinctive automotive based marketing platforms intended to help you develop your personal brand or business or ideal, whatever it is. Since we love cars, and just about anything else thatís motorized, mechanized or simply meant to be pushed to its limit, we know that each and every vehicle out there is about more than paint and rubber, glass and steel, gasoline, diesel, ethanol, methanol, electricity or whatever else might fuel, jolt or motivate your dream. When all is said and done itís really about emotion and passion, commitment and the craving need to express yourself and who you are whether itís your business, your lifestyle or just your newest desire.

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The Arsenal Of DemocracyInspired by an era unlike any other in American History, the Arsenal is an embodiment of American Pride, Potential and Spirit and the first in a very special series of vehicles. Stay tuned for more details, build photos and features.

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